When booking appointment, be sure to specify:
  • what you want as a tattoo
  • placement
  • approximate size
  • color preferences/blackwork/black n grey
  • budget

The artist will then take the information you provide, to design the best tattoo that he/she feels is possible within your requirements. Be sure to provide extra detail if something needs to be in the tattoo, however, if in the end the detail cannot be incorporated into the tattoo in a convincing way, the artist might leave it out if required.
All artists have plenty of original designs ready, so even if you're not sure what to get, you might find it's already waiting for you. 🙂
  • Tattoos:
We only use set prices, our minimum is 1000 SEK, but pricing varies between artists and depends on a lot of factors, such as size, technical difficulty, placement and so on. We set our prices this way to allow the customer to know how much they will pay, despite the time spent on the tattoo.
  • Artwork:
Pricing varies between artists here as well, and depends on each artists evaluation of their work.
Start-up fee: When you have decided you want to book an appointment, we charge 25% or a minimum of 500 SEK of the final price as a start-up fee. This includes the initial sketch work needed to do the tattoo, including minor final changes, as well as the reservation of your appointment. This fee is then deducted from the final price, after completion of the tattoo. If the appointment needs to be cancelled, or changed this needs to be brought to the attention of the studio as early as possible. If the appointment is cancelled to close to the scheduled appointment, the studio will keep the start-up fee to cover for lost work. Failure to show up will result in the studio keeping the start-up fee to cover the costs of the prework. If major changes needs to be done to complete the tattoo as desired, we charge another 500 SEK per hour spent drawing a new sketch. Since this can sometimes be time demanding, we ask that you make sure to notify us as soon as possible.
All prices are stated with Swedish tax included.
We prefer payments being made with credit card or bank deposit.
Studio rules:
  • We do not tattoo people under the age of 18.
  • We do not accept children or animals in the studio, for their own and our customers safety.
  • We do not accept racist, sexist, fascist, homofobic and otherwise disrespectful behavior in our studio, and neither should you. 🙂

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